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Commercial Loans

First Liberty National Bank has always worked with our commercial customers. Our customers range from the small one-person business to the large manufacturer employing hundreds of workers. Our approach is to provide the same personal service. 

The common type of commercial loans we offer are: 

Working Capital Loans - For those temporary finance needs. 

Inventory Loans - For those seasonal purchases and for expanding your existing business. 

Equipment Loans - For upgrading your company's equipment needs. 

Furniture and Fixtures Loans - For starting up your new business or for expanding your existing business. 

Interim Construction Loans - For builders to build that new home or building until permanent financing begins. 

Real Estate Loans - Whether the loan is to purchase a new building or to remodel an existing building, we can work out the best loan package. 

New Business Loans - If you are considering opening a new business or purchasing an existing business, we can help you develop the proper loan package. 

Federal Loan Programs - We also offer SBA Loans. These government loans allows us more flexibility in helping new businesses get started. 

Liberty Financial Center is located at the corner of Main St. and Sam Houston Ave. in Liberty, Texas. Our loan officers are: 

Earle Connevey (936) 334-3128

Dayton Financial Center is located at 109 East U.S. Hwy 90 in Dayton, Texas. Our loan officers are: 

Tyler Jackson (936) 334-3164

Tim Hopkins (936) 334-3151