Commercial Accounts

The First Liberty National Bank offers three types of Commercial DDA accounts:

  • Small Business Accounts
  • Commercial Accounts with Account Analysis
  • Not-For-Profit Accounts

The Minimum Daily Balance will be used in determining the fees assessed for all types of Commercial Accounts

Small Business Accounts: Small Business Accounts are defined as accounts with less than 50 items per statement cycle or less than 100 deposited items per month. These accounts will be charged a monthly fee based on a tiered balance structure: 

Minimum Daily Balance         Monthly Charge 
$ 0.00 to $ 2,000.00                     $10.00 
$ 2000.01 to $10,000.00               $  7.50 
$10,000.01 to $15,000.00             $  5.00 
Above $15,000.00                     $  0.00

Commercial Accounts with Account Analysis: For existing accounts that may qualify for Commercial Accounts with Account Analysis, the account will be monitored for three months before charging an analysis fee. The customer will be notified that the account is being monitored and will receive a copy of the analysis. The customer will be contacted by a Bank Representative to explain the analysis and to answer any questions.  For new accounts, the New Account Representative will explain the Bank's account analysis and provide a sample analysis. The customer will receive the analysis for two cycle periods before being charged. 

Commercial Analysis Fees
Account Maintenance            $10.00   / month
        Money Service Business    $100.00 / month 
Return Deposit Item               $  5.00   each
NSF Item                              $30.00
Local Deposited Items                  2.500 cents per item
Non-Local Deposited Items           3.500 cents per item
Checks                                      12.000 cents per item
Deposits                                    35.000 cents per item
ACH Debits                                 9.000 cents per item
ACH Credits                                9.000 cents per item
Coin Rolls                                  10.000 cents each
   Bill Straps                                  10.000 cents each
   Corporate Cashed Check
 - Not On-Us                          $  5.00
   Earning Credit Rate                  Avg Fed Fund Rate 
   Uncollected Funds Rate           Base Rate + 3.00% 
   Overdraft Rate                         Base Rate + 3.00%

Not-For-Profit Accounts: Proper documentation must be provided to qualify as a Not-For-Profit Account.  No maintenance fee will be charged on the account; however, based on the accounts activity, the Bank retains the right to require account analysis.

Commercial NOW Accounts
Sole Proprietorships and some Not-For-Profit Accounts are the only commercial accounts that qualify for a Now Account.
These accounts will be charged a monthly fee based on a tiered balance structure: 

Minimum Daily Balance             Monthly Charge 
$ 0.00 to $ 2,000.00                         $ 12.00 
$ 2,000.01 to $10,000.00                  $   9.50 
$10,000.01 to $15,000.00                 $   7.00 
Above $15,000.00                            $   0.00

FLNB Overdraft Loan Account 
A Line of Credit for your protection from overdrafts. If the balance in your checking account is not sufficient to pay a check, money will be transferred from your loan, up to your limit, to prevent an overdraft and overdraft charge.
[Subject to Credit Approval]

FLNB Overdraft Protection
An Automatic Transfer from a related deposit account.  If the balance in your checking account is not sufficient to pay a check, money can be transferred from another deposit account to prevent an overdraft and the related insufficient service charge. The cost of this service is $2.00 per transfer. Funds moving from a Savings Account are limited to six (6) transfers per month. [Not available for corporations and partnerships]

Overdraft Privilege Policy
- Read the complete Overdraft Protection Policy for more details.

Money Market Accounts
Minimum Balance to Open $100.00 

Average Daily Balance                         Monthly Charge 
        $0.00 to $499.99                                     $12.00 
        Above $500.00                                        $  0.00 
        Fee for each debit over 6                          $10.00

You may make no more than six (6) preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts, and debit card or other similar transactions from your account per month or statement cycle.

If you need further information on our Commercial Accounts, please call our New Accounts Representatives at 936-336-6471 for the Liberty Financial Center or at 936-257-9700 for the Dayton Financial Center or you may email us at


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