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Need help? At First Liberty National Bank, we would like to make your life a little easier by providing you our direct phone numbers or click on our name to send us an email. If you do not see the person listed below, please dial our bank number 936-336-6471 to reach our Call Center for assistance. If you are out of the calling area, you can use FLNB 24 Hour Home Banking by dialing 1-888-336-5290 and transfer to our Call Center.

When using email, please note that this is not a secure form; we ask you not to include specific account information (such as your account number).

To give you more direct access, we have established direct numbers to various areas.

 Name  Position
 Charles McGuire
 Chairman  936-340-4743  
 Paul J. Henry  CEO  936-334-3140  
 Kelly Stretcher  President  936-334-3106  
 Deposit Services:
 David S. Castle  SVP - Deposits  936-334-3114  
 Brenda Cone  Vice President  936-334-3116  
 New Accounts:
 Lora Carter  Asst. Vice-President  936-334-3196  
 Customer Service:
 April Lunsford  Asst. Vice President   936-334-3108  
 Beverly Fregia   Teller Officer   936-334-3109  
 Martha Beard   Operations Officer DFC   936-334-3163   
 Loan Services:
 Earle Connevey  SVP - Loans   936-334-3128   
 Diane Huddleston   VP - Loans -DFC  936-340-4742  
 Blake Richardson   Asst. Loan Officer - DFC   936-334-3151  
 Kathy Westmoreland   AVP - Loans - LFC   936-334-3188   
 Jack Purswell   AVP - Loans - LFC   936-334-3120  
 Mortgage Loans:
 Earle Connevey  SVP - LFC   936-334-3128  
 Diane Huddleston   VP - DFC  936-340-4742  
 Trust Services:
 Glenda Griffin  Trust Officer   936-334-3129   
 FLNB Investment Services (FIS):
 Bryan Reynolds   Investment Representative   936-334-3125   
 Jerry Ursprung  SVP & Cashier   936-334-3127   
 Janet Meachum   Asst. Cashier   936-334-3121   
 Dayton Financial Center:
 Blake Richardson   Asst. Loan Officer  936-334-3151  
 Felicia Hensel   Vice President & Manager  936-334-3157   
 Chelsey Stringer  Asst. Branch Manager  936-334-3154  
 Martha Beard   Operations Officer - DFC   936-334-3163   
 Bryan Reynolds   Investment Representative       936-334-3125   
 FLNB Insurance Agency:
 Verna Laird      936-334-3176  
 Elizabeth Prater      936-334-3177  
 Sandra Trujillo      936-334-3153   
 Paula Campbell   Managing Agent  936-334-3175   
 FLNB On-Line Financial Center:
 Brenda Cone   Vice President   936-334-3116   
 Wire Transfer:
 Lora Carter   Asst. Vice President   936-334-3196   
 Brenda Cone   Vice President   936-334-3116   
 Item Processing:
 Suzeanne Havard  Operations Officer LFC   936-334-3104   
 Larry Hutson  IT Supervisor   936-334-3141   
 Prem H. Dalwadi   IT Officer  936-340-4752  
 Fax Numbers:
 Liberty Financial Center
 Dayton Financial Center
 FLNB Insurance Agency      936-334-9423   


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