Accessibility at FLNB

First Liberty National Bank wants all our customers to have access to our locations, our phones, our ATM's and our on-line banking. We are committed to working with each of our customers to help them obtain the information that they may want or need.

Accessible FLNB services include:

  • An accessible website
  • Talking ATM's
  • Material in large print
  • Accessible FLNB locations

On-line accessibility includes:

  • Site map to maneuver the website and avoid drop down screens.
  • Most browsers have built-in accessibility features which allows the user:
    • To enlarge the screen by using zoom feature
    • To enlarge the print by using  text size
    • To use your keyboard by using caret browsing

FLNB ATMs accessibility includes:

  • Talking ATMs with voice instructions.
  • Physical access meets The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) maximum height and reach requirements.

FLNB locations:

We monitor our locations for compliance with the ADA, state, and local accessibility laws by surveying the parking reserved for customers with disabilities, curb cuts and ramps, walkways, entrances, teller counters, safe deposit facilities, customer contact telephones and lobby areas.

FLNB communications:

  • Our employees are prepared to help all our customers.
  • We will assist you in reading and filling out forms.
  • Our account statement items, checks and deposits, can be enlarged.
  • Our e-statements are in pdf format which can be enlarged.
  • We can order you raised-line checks. These checks are larger than standard checks, are yellow in color to help reduce glare, and have bold raised lines. Raised-line checks are offered at our basic check pricing.
  • We recognize that persons may have other disability-related needs.  We evaluate disability-related requests on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a concern or question, please contact our call center at 936-336-6471.


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